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ResourceNOW® - Content On Demand

Customize CLMI's Resources to Create Your Own Training Program

ResourceNOW® from CLMI is a web-based online system that simplifies the distribution and deployment of safety content to a dispersed work organization – giving managers, supervisors, and trainers easy access to the program tools they need to effectively incorporate safety into their business practices.

ResourceNOW® is powered by the PerformTRAX® content management engine and plays on all mobile devices.

How ResourceNOW® Works

ResourceNOW® provides online health and safety training courses with the flexibility of creating your own course content. Select from over 3,500 documents and 95 computer-based programs to build a platform that’s customized to meet your company’s unique training needs.

By utilizing the PerformTRAX® Content Management and Deployment system and ResourceNOW®, you’re able to access and share proven processes and tools from CLMI’s award-winning Blueprints for Safety® programs with your workforce via the web.

ResourceNOW® Features

ResourceNOW® combines access to streaming video, detailed program development tools, and training materials into one single easy-to-use web-based application, establishing a standard method for effectively addressing the safety needs of your organization. With ResourceNOW® safety training programs, you can:

• Conduct Classroom Training

With system resources, your instructors have instant access to videos and PowerPoint presentations for use in classroom-style training. With the LMS, you can assign training to your supervisors and teachers and monitor their progress.

• Assign and Track Individual Training

Use the LMS functions to assign training to individual employees.

• Modify CLMI Content

All courses are customizable. With ResourceNOW, you can do the following: Copy the course that comes with the system. Make your changes by adding content or modifying questions. Add the course to your library. Deactivate the system course. Overall, this gives you the ability to have a course that reflects your procedures.

• Load Your Own Content

ResourceNOW® accepts video files (.flv and .mp4), Office Documents (Word, PowerPoint, Excel), PDF files.

• Support for SCORM-based Courseware

Add your own authored SCORM programs.

With, ResourceNOW®, OSHA and safety-based training has never been more customizable to fit your business’s needs. For more information or a demo, call 1-800-533-2767 or email

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