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‚??Clean up your room!‚?? As children, that‚??s something we probably all heard time and time again.


We may not have understood the reason our parents wanted us to pick up our toys, make our beds and so on. We may have thought they just wanted to give us something to do - busy work that didn‚??t have any real purpose.


Many employees look at housekeeping in the workplace the same way. They don‚??t see any reason for keeping the workplace clean and may feel that it‚??s just busy work. But in reality, housekeeping is one of the most basic and important safety measures you can take. A workplace that‚??s free of debris, where tools and equipment are easily accessible and where aisles and walkways are clear, is a workplace that‚??s many times safer than one where housekeeping is ignored.


In addition, having a neat, clean, ‚??squared away‚?? workplace gives the appearance that everything is under control - that everyone knows what he or she is doing and that the job is getting done right. That kind of workplace conveys the image that quality is present in the people, the products and the processes. Housekeeping practices can help show customers and employees that a standard of excellence is being met.


The key to housekeeping is attitude: Everyone - management, supervisors and employees - must take housekeeping seriously and see it as an important part of their jobs.


The Blueprints for Safety© Housekeeping Program is designed to provide a step-by-step approach to developing a housekeeping program for your company. This program will help you train employees to understand the importance of housekeeping and to implement methods to help keep the workplace clean and safe.


The outcomes of your housekeeping program will be as follow:

  • Identification of the housekeeping hazards in your workplace
  • Creation and implementation of housekeeping methods
  • Well-trained employees who understand and practice good housekeeping methods

By creating a program for housekeeping in the workplace, you can help everyone understand the importance of keeping the workplace clean and increase everyone‚??s safety.



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