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Program Overview

Ernest 'Scrooge' Hungerfield and Jacob Marley didn't have time for safety. They thought following safety procedures was a waste of their precious time and they bullied or teased anyone they perceived as 'wasting time for safety.' One day, while performing a task in his usual unsafe manner, Marley is killed. Marley's death causes Scrooge to become even more convinced that all workplace injuries are unpreventable. The ghost of Marley is doomed to live in the endless dimension of regret and forced to watch the ripple effects of his unsafe actions on himself and his co-workers. The ghost explains to Scrooge that he too will be doomed to the same fate if he does not change his ways and embrace safety. Marley's ghost tells Scrooge he will be visited by the Spirits of Safety Past, Safety Present and Safety Future and he must learn from them to avoid the same fate. After the three spirits teach him valuable safety lessons about the impact of his past, present and future unsafe acts, Scrooge vows to become a positive safety influence on others. He learns that safety can be contagious and that when safe choices are made in the present, the future is a much better place.

Video Running Time:

23:00 minutes

  • 1 DVD
  • Instructor Guide
Languages Available:
  • English
  • Spanish
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