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ClixStream™ Streaming Safety Videos

ClixStream™ provides trainers a way to stream safety training videos from your personal company library of over 250 of CLMI’s best safety & HR programs through the internet. Unlike DVDs, which can often become outdated or which are shipped from location to location, the ClixStream™ library gives your trainers fingertip access to this comprehensive library. This library stays up-to-date by adding new programs related to all the latest OSHA topics.

ClixStream™ is powered by the PerformTRAX® Content Management engine and plays on all mobile devices.

Pay For Only What You Use

ClixStream™ utilizes a pay-per-program model. Purchase tokens/streams, and only pay for the content you actually use. The system gives you the option of buying new tokens on an as-needed basis.


With ClixStream™ safety training video streaming, you receive:

  • Unlimited previews
  • Each program can be stopped and restarted within a 24-hour timespan for unlimited use
  • The ability to stream from multiple devices
  • Downloadable quizzes for classroom training
  • Titles in both English and Spanish
  • Easy access at your fingertips
  • Instructors will be able to monitor and track training history
  • A library system that's customizable with your company logo


ClixStream™ training with full motion video allows you to train on all the necessary OSHA standards and best safety practices. With ClixStream, you not only ensure that your workforce is knowledgeable and happy, but most importantly, safe. Learn more on ClixStream from CLMI via the video below:

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