12 Days of Christmas

Here at CLMI, we believe that safety should always be top priority, especially around the holidays. The holiday season can be unexpectedly hazardous with the added alcohol, increased fire hazards and frigid winter temperatures. To that end, we are sharing our top holiday safety tips inspired by the 12 days of Christmas. These simple fixes and life hacks will ensure that you and your family get through the holiday season intact. Read below to learn more.

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Take these safety reminders to heart. There are no Christmas elves tasked with unplugging the holiday lights each night, so discuss within your home who will take charge of these various chores early in the season. If everyone in your home has these nifty tips in hand, you are set up for a safe holiday season. Simple, yet effective, you have no excuse to neglect your safety. Happy Holidays from our team at CLMI Safety Training!