A Bit More On SCUBA Diving – Personal Responsibility For Safety

First, we liked the diving experience so much that after the Resort Course we went diving a second time , and now plan to become PADI Certified.  We really appreciated the “care” we were shown during instruction.  Then, as safety professional we appreciated the level of clarity about the personal responsibility that is expected.  Really!!!!  No one is responsible for you, but you.  Wow, there’s a concept!  Here we are in the US, where we have a culture where personal responsibility is hardly ever assumed, so I found this PADI approach refreshing.

The Professional Asociation of Diving Instructors (PADI) is very up front with the fact that people die while SCUBA diving.  It would seem obvious, but the importance of good health is not taken for granted and is part of the way they increase the effectiveness of the instruction.  Making sure that you are healthy and with no obvious health issues is the first step.  Two separate times the PADI system requires you to read and submit responses to health history questions, answering each question in writing and initialling your . Next, you are required to read and sign the Personal Responsiiity Statement, initialling each responsibility, indicating that you agree with and will abide by each.  Then, you read and sign a contract that stipulates your acceptance of responsibility and holds PADI and your instructor harmless should there be a probem.

As safety prfessionals, can  you relate?  Do we do enough to assure that our employees both understand the hazards of their work and accept personal responsibility for their own safety?  What more can we do?  What can we learn from this?  Have any one of you found a good way of instilling personal responsibility for safety, and if so please share how?  What were the before and afer results.  Thanks for sharing!