Fire It up Safely: HVAC Maintenance Checklist for Fall

As much as Minnesotans joke about frigid winter weather, there is a certain charm to coming home to a warm and cozy home on a snowy winter night. You might even make a beeline to an air vent when you get home from work and use it to warm your hands like a campfire.

At least that’s how it works when your HVAC system is operating correctly; one unexpected malfunction can turn a cozy winter night into a cold dash for a hotel. Prevent such inconvenient mishaps by going through our complete HVAC maintenance checklist for fall.

Restock HVAC filters

Purchase all the filters you will need for the winter ahead of time. It’s easier to take care of this responsibility with a single trip to the store than it is to constantly monitor your supply.  Remember: filters should be replaced every 90 days.

Check Your Wiring

One of the most common malfunctions for HVAC systems is faulty electrical components such as the wiring. Before a layer of leaves or snow covers the wires leading to your outdoor heat pump equipment, check for corrosion or rust.

Detect Dust

Heat pumps tend to be magnets for dust and debris. Check for unusual coil blockages before accumulation makes an inspection more difficult.

Look for Air Handler Leaks

While spotting leaks in your home’s ductwork usually requires a professional, you can easily inspect your home’s air handler — a large box-shaped piece of equipment, typically located in the basement. Listen for unusual noises or airflow and cover leaks with Permagum to get the most out of your unit.

Prepare Your Humidifier

If your HVAC system has a humidifier, remember to replace its filter and turn on the water supply. You’ll need both components working properly to avoid a bone-dry home or business.

Clear the Clutter

When leaves begin to fall, it’s important to clear the space around your outdoor HVAC equipment. Make sure there’s at least two feet of space around your unit to ensure smooth operations.

Hire a Professional

HVAC systems are complicated, and it takes a trained professional to test for underlying issues. Set up regular professional maintenance to keep your equipment running for years to come.

Prepare for Anything

HVAC system inspections provide more than just comfort — they address real safety concerns. Our climate tends to show no mercy during the coldest months, and prolonged exposure to subzero temperatures can turn deadly. Be ready for whatever the weather throws at you this year with HVAC preventative maintenance this fall.

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