One Deadly Notification: Cell Phone Safety at Work


If you don’t take measures to prevent cell phone use at work, your employees will use them. It’s simply a fact that in the 21st century, nearly everyone is literally connected at the hip with smartphones. Unfortunately, this behavior is both distracting and dangerous. What can you do is stop the behavior before it leads to a serious injury? Read on to learn why it’s important to take cell phone safety at work seriously — sooner rather than later.

Loss of Concentration

If your employees work with machines or other heavy equipment, they risk losing a limb when their focus is on something else. Studies have repeatedly shown that while many people believe they are good at multitasking, we aren’t actually able to focus on multiple things at once. This is especially true when a piece of equipment requires fine-tuning or a focus on calculations. Looking away from a task, even for a second, could spell disaster. Eliminate the problem before it happens.

Walking Hazard 

Texting and walking is harder than it sounds. When a person’s eyes are stuck to a screen, obstacles in their path disappear from their line of sight. This is how trips and falls happen, and they can lead to serious injuries. If you are in charge of safety at your workplace, don’t be afraid to take a phone away from someone who is texting and walking. It might feel like you’re being unfair at first, but you are actually looking out for your employees when you put their safety first.

Driving Hazard

April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month, so now is the ideal time to talk to your employees about the hazards of using phones while driving. This is one of those safety concerns that is non-negotiable — employees cannot text and drive. A vehicle covers a lot of ground during the time it takes to look at a phone, and just one unexpected obstacle could cause an accident. Whether team members are driving a company vehicle or their own, make it clear that their full attention needs to be on the road in front of them.

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When it comes to distractions at work, there isn’t one that is as widespread or hard to resist as cell phones. In an office setting, the occasional glance at a cell phone won’t hurt anything but productivity. In settings that are more attention-demanding, such as construction sites, it is essential that employees keep their eyes off the screens in their pockets. Whether you implement a no-phone policy or one where employees are required to turn their devices off, you will create a safer environment with some simple rule changes.