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Is Safety Training The Solution?

When an unsafe behavior or action is observed, or there is an incident one common response is to re-train those involved. The underlying assumption is that the error or behavioral choice was made due to a lack of awareness or safety training. It’s my experience that this often isn’t the case. Beginning today, we will introduce ANSI Z490.0 – 2009 and begin to look the use training and how we can make it more effective.

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Living Life In High Definition

We are now moving from the digital age to the HiDef age, not only in technology but in the safety profession as well. This is an opportunity for our profession to more clearly define itself and its full value to society.

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Is OSHA Going Green?

In a speech by David Michaels, Asst. Secretary of Labor, Occupational Safety and Health Administraion, he made it clear that OSHA is going Green and aligning with the powerful Sustainability movement. He delinieated 5 “Green Reform Principles” that could very well reshape OSHA and workplace safety.

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Look out! Winter Driving Ahead

Driving in wintery weather is a challenge. The road conditions can change quickly and we often face other drivers who don’t know the concept of slowing down! I was lucky today and barely missed crashing. Here’s a timely reminder about winter driving safety that might help you, your family or friends.

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