Welcome To Our New Safety Blog

Okay, you’re probably asking “Why do we need or want another blog?”, or “How could this possibly be of any value to me?”

First, this blog is not about selling CLMI Safety Training products or services.  It is about sharing knowledge, information, and insight gained over many years in SH&E management and consulting.  We will discuss experiences, best practices and ideas, all intended to help you do your job better.

We titled the blog From Rick’s Files because most of what we discuss will come from either me, Rick Pollock, or my sidekick here at CLMI, Rick Johnson.  We are both Certified Safety Professionals (CSP) and together we (the Ricks) have over 60 years of real-world SH&E experience.  We have dedicated our careers to helping improve workplace health and safety, eliminating injuries and saving lives.  Rick and I have worked in many different situations, seen the good and the bad, know a number of people who can provide information that can help, and we want to help you.

The focus here is on:  Safety (SH&E) Education and Training, Issues of Leadership, Improving SH&E Management Systems, Ideas that Worked, New Initiatives, and Current Events and Trends.  There also might be an opinion or two thrown in for good measure!

We will have a number of top safety professionals stop by to share their thoughts and experience.  Skipper Kendrick will help provide training tips, Joel Tiejens will help us understand and navigate management systems, Sam Gualardo will provide leadership insight, and others will chip in where and when they can.  You’ll have a direct link back to them for questions or comments, so you can gain answers to specific questions.

The value to you is simple.  We will provide you with free information from credible and experienced SH&E professionals that can help you with your job.

The only thing you need to do is subscribe, or click the RSS feed (see the buttons on the right side?).  We’ll send a notice to your email when there is a new post and hope you’ll comment or participate in the discussion when appropriate.

I hope you will join in, participate and let me know what we can do to help you improve safety and health in your organization.  Thank you, and I’ll see you soon!

Rick Pollock, CSP