Wow! – You’ve Got To See This

Every once in a while you see something and it causes you to stop … dead in your tracks.  I got an email today that did just that.

Great Message on Motivation Using Incentives

Some of you know that Rob Chvatal is a guest on my blog from time to time.   Rob’s a great guy and professional trainer, specializing in behavioral change.   Today, he copied me on an email that had a link that you have to see.

But before you go there, think about how you and your company incentivize performance.  Do you have bonuses tied to performance?  Are there incentive programs for meeting certain goals, or creating special outcomes?  “If you do this, I’ll give you that.” 

This fun and fast web clip just may turn your thinking on how to motivate for performance.  But that’s not the wow part of this post.  Just wait until you see how the message is presented.  I hope you enjoy the link below.