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Custom Training & Consulting

Custom Safety Training Solutions

  • Do you have unique hazards or safety training issues?
  • Do you have specialized equipment that requires specific training?
  • Do you have a multi-lingual workforce?
  • Consider a Custom Developed Program.

The Experience and Resources to Ensure Excellence

CLMI is a market leader in custom safety training program development for many of the country's leading manufacturing, service, trade and government organizations. Our in-house, state-of-the-art media development, software programming and online safety training capabilities ensure quick response to your needs with Blueprints for Safety™ standard quality and professionalism.

How we discuss and present a topic is very important and begins with a comprehensive analysis of your training needs and objectives. Our developers then customize the training elements that will meet your company's requirements. CLMI safety professionals help you understand the role and scope of safety within your organization, including the physical challenges, the business objectives and the culture. We can analyze specific risk situations and control methods, evaluate management systems and procedures, assess training and study overall program effectiveness to help you pinpoint your specific safety needs and design a custom safety training program or video to meet them.

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