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Effectively Review Accidents and Stop Them From Reoccurring

No matter how hard you prepare, accidents in the work environment are bound to happen. As an employer, however, it’s critically important that you properly address them as soon as they occur so that any resulting fallout is kept to a minimum.

Providing proper workplace accident investigation training will not only help you immediately address the situation, it’ll help stop similar accidents from reoccurring. CLMI offers an accident investigation training video collection that will help you implement an effective strategy. We cover topics including:

  • How to review facts to find a cause
  • Steps in the accident investigation process
  • How to properly follow-up on accidents
  • How to properly implement corrective measures
  • Investigation training courses

Stop accidents before they happen: Ensure that your workplace meets the latest regulatory and compliance standards – all while making sure that employees are trained to prevent accidents and properly respond in the unfortunate event that they do occur. By doing so, you’ll ensure that they don’t happen again.

Utilizing CLMI’s accident investigation video offerings will help your company keep up with OSHA accident investigation training standards set up by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, a division of the U.S. Labor Department. Contact CLMI today if you have any questions regarding our DVDs. You’ll be able to cover all aspects of the accident, in addition to the proper precautions that should be initiated.

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