Protecting Your Back

We never think about what’s going on inside our back until something goes wrong. And even then, once we know what's wrong, we're in a hurry to get better. Back pain doesn't just happen. It's usually the result of a lot of improper movements that add stress to your back. Without back safety training, one movement may have triggered the pain, but it’s usually been a long time coming.

This back injury prevention training program will cover the things your employees can do to keep their backs healthy, utilizing a host of back and lifting safety training videos. Developing the correct lifting habits is an effective way to prevent muscle strains and spinal disk stress that lead to costly injuries. Back problems are not only painful, but can lead to lost time at work and sometimes even require surgery to correct. Get the back safety training it takes to change behaviors in the workplace. Important program topics include:

  • How your back works
  • Common stresses to the back
  • Proper body mechanics and lifting techniques
  • Stretching and Exercise

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