Fight Bloodborne Pathogens in the Workplace

Fighting the transmission of bloodborne pathogens in the work environment is highly critical. For instance, contaminated surfaces or equipment should be immediately cleaned to stop the spread of infectious diseases. Bloodborne pathogens are potentially dangerous, but with the proper awareness and training, they are risks that can be significantly managed and decreased in the workplace. From OSHA bloodborne pathogens training to increased availability of ways to safely dispose items that could expose workers to disease, bloodborne pathogens and needlestick prevention are integral to creating a more responsible and safe workplace.

CLMI provides an extensive bloodborne pathogens video collection that will help your business implement an effective bloodborne pathogens training program. Our bloodborne pathogens training video offerings cover the following:

  • Clean-up procedures for contaminated surfaces
  • Using personal protective equipment
  • Preventing the spread of contagious illnesses
  • OSHA bloodborne pathogens training online standards

No matter your line of work, understanding bloodborne pathogens safety is an important part of workplace safety. Taking the time to address the risks and necessary precautions towards bloodborne pathogens will make the workplace safer for everyone on your team. When everyone is on the same page, you can prevent the spread of dangerous diseases that cost time, money and even lives. Get the safety training you need today.

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