Properly Handle Chemicals in the Workplace

Protecting oneself while working around chemicals is of utmost importance. Not only is it necessary for employees to know if the chemicals can hurt them; it's vitally important that they know how to handle them and how to properly respond if something goes wrong.

CLMI provides companies with comprehensive chemical safety training videos that will guarantee the safety of your employees. By taking advantage of our chemical safety training courses, your workforce will learn the following:

  • Proper hazard communication
  • Properly assess spills
  • Understand OSHA chemical safety training lead standards
  • Proper procedures for dealing with hydrogen sulfide

Other important topics to cover when addressing OSHA chemical safety training include ceiling limits, short-term exposure limits, and action levels. Due to the reactive nature of chemicals, they must be handled with extreme caution. Necessary precautions should include chemical storage and transportation, reactivity hazards, and the ability to recognize potentially hazardous chemical reaction products such as toxic fumes, concentrations, and combustions.

Help your employees avoid accidents with professional training that changes workplace behaviors. Never underestimate the importance of chemical safety it only takes a small mistake to lead to costly and dangerous mishaps. Contact our helpful team to learn more about chemical protection at your workplace.

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