Confined Space Entry: A Potentially Deadly Situation

Working in spaces such as manholes, tanks, ducts and pits is a necessary part of the job for many workers, and participating in an OSHA confined space entry training online program will guarantee your employees are protected. When you work in a small space, the potential for deadly risks such as asphyxiation, exposure to cables, or flooding is high, but maintaining updated OSHA confined space entry training will keep you educated and safe.

No matter how familiar employees may be with a space, there will always be risks. The hazards in a confined space can be deadly, but with careful planning, the right equipment and thorough training, the hazards inside a confined space can be controlled.

Confined Space Entry: A Deadly Situation is an all-new modular OSHA confined space entry training program that covers the following areas:

  • Module 1: Confined Space Hazards
  • Module 2: Confined Space Protection
  • Module 3: Confined Space Ventilation
  • Module 4: Confined Space Entry

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