Construction Fall Protection Training Videos: We All Win

Falls in construction are the leading cause of worker deaths, but when workers are protected from falling, We All Win.

Fall protection in the workplace can't be emphasized enough. From small falls and slips to falls from heights, any fall has the potential to inflict considerable injury upon a person.

As an employer of professional workers, we know that you place the health of your employees as your number one priority. By implementing an effective safety strategy throughout your company with fall protection videos, you'll be able to keep your workers safe, avoid worker's compensation claims and ensure productivity and high morale at your jobsite.

A number of preventative measures can be implemented to ensure that fall protection is practiced to the fullest extent, whether this includes making sure that lower areas are properly highlighted (so the worker can avoid them), reducing hazards that can appear on the floor or using elevated tools such as ladders properly.

CLMI offers OSHA fall protection and prevention training videos that can cover the following:

  • Module 1: Introductions to Fall Protection
  • Module 2: Fall Prevention Systems
  • Module 3: Personal Fall Arrest Systems
  • Module 4: Using Personal Fall Arrest Systems
  • Module 5: Rescue

By ensuring that you and your employees are trained in the above areas, you'll be able to make sure you get the job done right, but more importantly, keep your employees safe. Browse our comprehensive fall protection video offerings and contact CLMI today if you have any questions. By knowing a number of preventative measures, you can assure that falls are kept to a minimum in the work environment.

The more your employees take falls seriously, the less likely they are to experience serious injuries at work. Change attitudes at your business before an accident occurs. Explore our resources today.

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