Ensure Your Employees are Properly Operating Cranes

Cranes are among the largest types of equipment companies utilize in the construction industry. And while they're some of the most effective machines, they also have the potential to inflict considerable damage if not operated correctly. That being said, it's important that your company implements industry standard OSHA crane safety.

Such machinery typically falls into the category of lifting devices. Crane safety has increased over the years thanks to technological innovations in machinery design – allowing workers to operate cranes more efficiently and safely. However, with new technology comes new standards in terms of how to operate these heavy lifting workhorses.

CLMI provides companies with comprehensive OSHA crane training videos. By utilizing our DVD collection, you'll be able to implement an effective crane safety program throughout your business. Through our crane safety training videos, we cover the following:

  • Crane operator training
  • Crane rigging safety
  • Mobile crane setup
  • Overhead crane safety

By learning about the above issues, you'll ensure that employees are fully covered when it comes to the operation of cranes – allowing your company to operate safely and efficiently in the work environment.

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