Safely Operate Electrical Equipment in the Workplace

When construction work involves dealing with high voltage of any kind, it is essential that every employee has proper knowledge of electrical safety training in the workplace. Having the proper training on items such as conductors and insulators is important for making a safe work environment.

CLMI offers an extensive collection of electrical safety training videos that will help your employees understand the following:

  • OSHA electrical safety training standards
  • Electrical safety for non-electricians
  • Electrical Arc Flash Safety
  • Temporary electricity

Electricity is used in every workplace, from lighting in the office to high voltage in the warehouse and everything in between. Our videos are designed to be comprehensive and insightful on electrical safety training in the workplace to keep your employees working safely no matter your industry or breadth of electrical knowledge.

Gain peace of mind with electrical training programs that will prevent accidents and educate your employees on how to respond to an emergency situation. Browse our video resources and get started on electrical safety training today!

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