Avoid Electrical Hazards in the Workplace

When you think of electricity in the work environment, the most common job type that comes to mind is that of an electrician. However, what enough of us don't realize is that electrical safety training should be utilized in more job types. Let's be honest, today's world is run by electricity and whether you're on or off the job, you're constantly using it.

CLMI provides companies with an extensive collection of electrical training videos that will help you implement proper electrical safety in your workplace. Through our electrical safety training video offerings, we cover the following topics:

  • OSHA electrical safety training standards
  • Electrical safety for non-electricians
  • Electrical Arc Flash Safety
  • Temporary electricity

If you have any questions regarding our electrical safety videos, please contact us today. Electrical safety in the workplace is not to be marginalized. From dealing with exposed wires to the amount of electronics that can be safely plugged into a power strip, our electrical safety resources ensure a thorough and accurate overview of steps to take to make your workplace electrically safe.

Add some peace-of-mind to your workday with electrical safety training that stops accidents before they happen. Browse our video resources to learn more about giving your employees the skills to use electronics safely. Get started with your training today!

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