Safely Operate Electrical Equipment in the Workplace

In the modern day world, it's no secret that electricity powers our lives. But, it also requires maintenance and repair at times. When work requires dealing with high voltage, it is absolutely essential that every employee has proper knowledge of electrical safety training in the workplace. Items we use on a daily basis are conductors and insulators of electricity. Understanding what items these are and how they work can make for a safer workplace.

CLMI offers a variety of DVDs covering electrical safety workplace training standards. Through our videos, we'll help your employees achieve the following:

  • Implement OSHA electrical safety standards
  • Learn electrical training for working around temporary electricity
  • Learn better electrical safety in the workplace
  • Learn electrical Arc Flash safety

Electricity is used throughout workplaces, from the lighting in your office or warehouse, to the motors that run machinery, to the technology that keeps you connected to your employees and clients. Our electrical safety videos are designed to be comprehensive and insightful, so you can work safely no matter your industry or electrical knowledge.

Make the choice to protect your employees against electrical disasters before they occur. Explore our resources to uncover the benefits of a proactive training program. Give your team the tools it takes to stay safe around electricity today!

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