Maintain a Healthy Work Environment and Keep Work Morale High

As an employer of professional team members, we know that you place an emphasis on employee heath and corporate wellness, factors that can play a vital role in the morale of the overall work environment. CLMI provides companies with a variety of instructional DVDs related to workplace wellness.

Wellness in the workplace is centered towards the emotional wellbeing of employees – ensuring that mental distress is minimized, whether this deals with anger or violence. Meanwhile, health in the workplace relates to the physical state of workers – meaning that employees must properly guard against the threat of contagious illnesses spreading throughout the work environment.

Through our collection, just some of the worksite wellness issues we cover include:

  • Handling anger management
  • Addressing workplace violence
  • Stopping the spread of contagious illnesses
  • Achieving a drug free workplace

Our employee health and wellness safety training videos can assure that you will be able to implement an effective program that will allow you to teach proper corporate wellness training to your employees – allowing you to maximize your workforce’s morale emotionally, all while ensuring that their physical health remains a top priority.

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