Be Aware of Workplace Environmental Conditions

Being fully aware of the environment you're working in is of utmost importance. Whether it's the temperature, storm water management, clean air, or other factors, it's important to realize how the job you're doing not only affects the surrounding area, but how it may affect your health.

CLMI offers DVDs covering environmental compliance training that'll help you implement an effective environmental safety training program throughout your business. We cover the following:

  • A healthy approach to working in hot environments
  • How to properly deal and assess worksite spills

The first step to a safe workplace is a safe work environment - not only for yourself and your employees, but also for the building and natural surroundings. Worldwide initiatives are in place to find ways to leave less of an impact on the areas we work, and these environmental safety training videos are a great first step to better understanding how we can work sustainably. Contact CLMI today if you have any questions regarding our videos for environmental training courses.

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