Workplace Ergonomics Training Videos

The study of employees and how they interact with their work environment equipment is otherwise known as workplace ergonomics. Factors like the way workers handle their equipment and personal posture can play a significantly large factor in determining an employee's level of physical strain and stress on the job.

If proper precautions aren't taken by workers, the long-term consequences could be physically devastating – leading to lasting physical disorders that could have been prevented otherwise. By educating your workers with our selection of ergonomics training videos, you can assure that employees aren't only operating at a level that's physically efficient, but more importantly, operating in a manner that keeps them physically safe.

CLMI provides comprehensive workplace ergonomics training through its DVD offerings. Just some of the things we focus on in our ergonomics training videos include the following:

  • Healthy work habits
  • Correct body positions
  • Stretching and relaxation activities
  • Risk factors for musculoskeletal disorders
  • How to adjust workstations

By utilizing CLMI's ergonomics training courses videos, you'll be able to implement an effective ergonomics program throughout your business – making sure that your workers adjust accordingly and respond appropriately in order to not overreach any physical constraints. When you need workplace ergonomics courses that change the way your employees approach their daily tasks, turn to CLMI for effective solutions.

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