Learn How to Properly Protect Eyes in the Work Environment

Eye protection safety training in the workplace should never be taken for granted. Especially in the construction environment, the use of proper eye protection can be a critical factor in preventing safety hazards.

If eye protection is not emphasized properly, injuries can be significant – in worst-case scenarios, risking blindness. Employees must learn to protect their eyes against onsite hazards including chemicals and other environmental factors that could be deemed risks if treated improperly.

Face protection equipment that emphasizes an employee’s eyes should be worn during all courses of shifts when risk factors are considered significant.

Eye and face injuries can lead to workers’ compensation claims, low morale and lost productivity. CLMI provides a comprehensive DVD offering related to eye safety training. Among the things we cover are the following:

  • OSHA eye safety
  • Types of situations where eye protection training is critical
  • What types of eye protection to use in certain situations

By utilizing CLMI’s eye protection safety video offering, you’ll be able to implement an effective program related to eye protection throughout your business.

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