Effectively Incorporate Hand Tool Safety Standards

No matter what kind of business you run, hand safety training in the work environment should never be taken for granted. If an employee hurts their hands, in addition to the harm it will cause your worker, it can cost time that negatively affects the overall production of your business. From wrenches and hammers to scissors and knives, our hands come in contact with a variety of potentially dangerous items daily. How to handle these tools may seem elementary, but there is a lot of personal protective equipment available and precautions people can take to ensure hand tool safety in the work environment.

CLMI provides an extensive collection of hand safety training videos to help your company implement an effective hand safety campaign throughout your business. Hand safety and hand tool safety topics we cover include the following:

  • Best practices for hand safety in the workplace
  • Box cutter/utility knife safety
  • High impact hand safety
  • Knife safety
  • Hand safety OSHA compliance

Contact us today if you have any questions regarding our hand tool safety training video collection.

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