Fight Hearing Loss in the Workplace

Proper hearing protection training standards are all too often ignored in the workplace. And while some workers may seem to think they’ll be okay not wearing hearing conservation equipment, the effects of hearing loss could slowly creep up on them.

It’s important for employees to understand that the proper implementation of safety standards related to hearing are of utmost importance and any signs of hearing loss should never go neglected. From the get go, hearing loss can be addressed and risk can be minimized by taking some simple preventative measures – whether this is achieved through the implementation of safety gear, or learning about the warning symptoms directly related to hearing loss.

CLMI provides companies with a hearing conservation training video collection that comprehensively covers how to address hearing issues in the workplace. Our hearing protection training videos cover things like:

  • Warning signs of hearing loss
  • Types of hearing protection
  • How to use hearing protection

By taking advantage of CLMI’s hearing-related videos, you’ll be able to implement industry best OSHA hearing conservation practices throughout the work environment – allowing your employees to operate in a manner that emphasizes hearing conservation as a top priority.

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