Guard Against Hazardous Energy in the Workplace

When working with certain machinery the potential of injury due to unexpected release of energy, be it electric, thermal, or otherwise, is always a risk. This spread of hazardous energy throughout the work environment is otherwise known as "lockout/tagout." Machine safeguarding training and ensuring that equipment doesn't emit hazardous amounts of energy is extremely important in maintaining worker safety.

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, in many industries, nearly 10 percent of all serious injuries are caused by failure to control hazardous energy in the workplace. By utilizing our OSHA lockout tagout training videos, you'll be able to implement industry best lockout tagout training standards throughout your business and avoid the potential for these injuries. CLMI offers a variety of videos related to machine safeguarding training. These videos cover the following:

  • How to properly control hazardous energy sources
  • High-impact wielding safety
  • Standard OSHA lockout tagout practices

If you have any questions regarding our lockout tagout training, please contact us today.

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