Promote Top of the Line Equipment & Machine Safety Standards

Maintaining proper machine safety in the work environment is especially important. Not only does it keep the surrounding work area safe and productive, it more importantly ensures the health of your employees.

It's necessary that workers be fully instructed in how to operate machinery. Each component has a different function, and accordingly, unique maintenance and operational requirements. If safety precautions aren't emphasized through equipment safety training, the results can be catastrophic, presenting both physical health concerns and possibly damaging important workplace components.

CLMI offers a variety of videos related to machine safety training - allowing businesses to operate machinery to the best of their abilities. Among the things we cover are the following:

  • Aerial work platform safety training
  • Backhoe safety inspection
  • Box cutter/Utility knife safety
  • Machine safeguarding
  • Overhead crane safety
  • Utility carts
  • Hand & power tools

By ensuring your employees are properly trained in the above areas, you can maximize functionality in the work environment, all while operating each piece of equipment safely to get the job done right. As always, the health of your employees is the top priority.

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