OSHA Machine Guarding Training

Whether it's working in construction or any other type of job, the proper operation of machinery can’t be emphasized enough.

Hazards presented by the improper operation of machinery are numerous and typically vary dependent upon the strength of the machine and the motions it makes. Employees must learn proper positioning and understand the importance of proper safeguarding while they are operating the device.

Issues can occur whether the device presents sharp objects or is broad and heavy in weight. CLMI provides an extensive DVD highlighting machine guard safety training. Among the things we cover are the following:

  • OSHA machine guarding standard
  • Lockout/Tagout
  • Crane safety
  • Welding safety
  • Machine guard safety
  • Knife safety

By making use of CLMI's comprehensive video collection on machine guard safety training, you'll be able to implement an effective machine-safeguarding program throughout your business – allowing you to cut down on workers’ compensation claims, increase employee morale and most importantly, keep the health of your workers as your number one priority.

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