Utilize Healthy Workplace Habits

Occupational therapists play an important role in helping those affected by injuries to regain skill and function effectively in the work environment. Beyond assisting in the rehabilitation of injured workers, Occupational therapists help teach proper movement and stress reduction techniques to avoid future injuries. For example, the importance of stretching at work and posture can be considered critical to creating and maintaining a low stress workplace.

CLMI offers a variety of videos related to occupational safety training in the workplace. By adhering to proper training techniques employers and employees can benefit from a healthier work environment with fewer injuries, and faster recoveries when injuries do occur. Such topics covered in our videos include:

  • Stretching at work
  • Lifting safely at work
  • Healthy work habits
  • Proper body mechanics and movement

By utilizing CLMI's videos related to occupational therapist training, you'll be able to implement an effective program emphasizing the importance of stretching at work and assisting in rehabilitated workers throughout your work environment to maintain the health and safety of your employees.

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