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Training Library

CLMI is dedicated to providing your employees with online safety training videos that will continue to improve employee health and well-being, as well as keep your employees informed on the latest updates on health and safety training. Browse through our latest videos every month including accident investigation, chemical safety, heat stress, and so much more. Make sure your employees are trained and ready to take on the latest project for your company. CLMI is here to offer the most extensive online health and safety training tools available!

Back Injury Prevention

New! Protecting Your Back

A Better Way To Lift

A Bit About Backs

Back in Step

Back Safety: Exercise and Ergonomics

Back Safety: Proper Lifting Procedures

Blink! A Practical Approach to Workplace Stretching - Employee Edition

Blink! A Practical Approach to Workplace Stretching - Management Edition

Elements of Backcare - General Industry Version

Elements of Backcare - Healthcare Version

On the Road: The Lighter Side of Lifting

Stretching Out at Work

Take 5 for Safety - Modules 1-5

Take 5 Module 1 - Lifting

Take 5 Module 2 - Ergonomics

Take 5 Module 3 - Stretching

Take 5 Module 4 - Sitting

Take 5 Module 5 - Standing

The Back Owner's Guide to Lifting and Stretching