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Training Library

CLMI is dedicated to providing your employees with online safety training videos that will continue to improve employee health and well-being, as well as keep your employees informed on the latest updates on health and safety training. Browse through our latest videos every month including accident investigation, chemical safety, heat stress, and so much more. Make sure your employees are trained and ready to take on the latest project for your company. CLMI is here to offer the most extensive online health and safety training tools available!

Chemical Safety

New! GHS Labels and Safety Data Sheets Both Programs

New! Hazard Communication: GHS Your Key to Chemical Safety

Hexavalent Chromium Employee Training

Hydrogen Sulfide Employee Training

One Tiny Spark: Flammable Liquid Safety

Silica Exposure: It Can Leave You Breathless

Spill Assessment and You

Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan General Awareness Training

Take the Lead on Lead: Understanding OSHA's Lead Standards