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Program Overview

Developing a safety program in your company might seem like an overwhelming task. This program transforms what can feel like an unmanageable project into a simple and clear process that anyone can adhere to. Filled with practical advice and information from experienced safety professionals, this five-part module leads you from beginning to end through the steps needed to establish, maintain, and manage an effective safety program.


  • The Importance of Establishing a Safety Program
  • Tips for Establishing Safety as a Core Value in Your Company
  • How to Create a Written Safety Policy
  • How to Establish and Communicate Safety Goals
  • Responsibilities of Managers and Employees in the Safety Process
  • How to Identify and Control Hazards
  • How to Train Management and Employees
  • How to Establish Communication, Feedback, and Response Methods
  • How to Establish Emergency Response Procedures and Accident Management
  • How to Establish Accident Investigation Procedures
  • How to Measure and Monitor Effectiveness

Video Running Time:

38 minutes

  • Blueprints for Safety® Administrative Guide
  • 1 DVD
Languages Available:
  • English
Other Information:
  • DVD

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